I was one of two programmers for this project. My focus was on menu design, the main character, and items within the game. In just under two weeks, our team of five created this cute platformer about a cat trying to reunite with it’s owner. It was developed using Sublime and Phaser3.


While working on this, we had a few main focuses. We wanted to create simple yet heavily intertwined systems. There is a “stamina” resource which decrements with each jump the player takes, and one of the only ways to increase it is by picking up treats (the fish sprites). Next to this, there are three “sentimental items:” a mouse, a ball of yarn, and a feather. Each of these items have their own effect which lasts three seconds. The mouse fills the player’s stamina and for the duration, jumping has no effect on the total. The ball of yarn increases the player’s jump height. The feather slows the upward scroll of the game.